Zoe A’dore & Staygo’s ‘Bury It’ is a v likeable debut from an Australian pop siren

There’s a certain recall in the voice of Zoe A’dore, a new kid on the pop-block who’s had a really colourful last few years.

I can’t quite pin-point who she sounds like but you feel really comfortable listening to the debut, Bury It with Staygo, from the reformed classical violinist whose only other musical output is a feature on her next door neighbour’s single that ended up going on to cop a casual million and a quarter views on YouTube.

Zoe resides in bloody Mandurah, Western Australia, which currently lists amongst its four ‘notable residents’ “Andrew and Jono, current season House Rules contestants”. So basically no good music is from there and Zoe’s looking set to be that fifth notable resident if she keeps this brilliance up.

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