I Called The Phone Number Yungblud’s Been Posting & Here’s What Happened

My phone bill was due around 9 days ago and I’m expecting my service to be cut off within minutes, so I thought I’d take the ‘fuck it’ approach and call an overseas number.

Yungblud’s now put about 3 and a bit months between 11 Minutes and another single, and to create ‘hype’ for a new one, he’s posted a phone number on the internet and physically in some areas of the world, for people to call and cop a back story.

He posted on Instagram Story one that had been found in Moorabbin, 15km from the Melbourne CBD and precisely 28 minutes from the Universal Music office in Melbourne. I assumed this would be the number to follow to dial out of Australia. Etched in biro above the number was ‘add 00 11’, so I did that.

00 111 (916) 915 0242. Fucking long

I called it and a ‘haunted house’ style music bed plays in the background before Yungblud tells a story. From what I can remember, it surrounded a teacher who was in love with someone in their class, but then he fell in love with someone else, and the person in the class got quite upset, and did something with a vase and – verbatim quote – “bashed his head straight in”.

I have been told to call back tomorrow for another story, before being whispered “May 24th”.

There you go.

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