You should probably know about Chris Watts tbh

Project U; meet Chris Watts.
Chris – meet Project U.

Chris is a full-time adorable human who makes the catchiest indie/folk/pop/JUST GOOD TUNES you ever did hear. Mark my words, he’s about to get Proper Big, so take notice. He’s been picked up by MTV’s ‘Brand New’ show (which kickstarted people like George Ezra and Jessie J, JUST SAYIN’) – so there are big things coming for this Melbourne-based dude. He writes his own tracks, does his own graphic design, his own videos – just an all-round Local Legend, really.

We saw him play in Melbs this weekend, supporting old mates Georgia Fair, and can confirm he puts on a 10/10 banger of a live set. By the end of his first song a group of girls jumped up and took over the d-floor, and for good reason.


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