Yavin’s ‘Hot.’ Is A Uniquely Queer Bop About Liking Somebody Out Of Your League

One that really pricked my ears up is this understated and near-perfect little 808-led bop called Hot.

The song is by a Boston pop kid called Yavin and he tells us a fairly connectable story about not feeling like you’re enough to deserve someone you find gorgeous, and using the music to explore what it would be like to take that leap of faith.

“Hot. is all about liking somebody that’s way out of your league,” Yavin explained in an email.

“As a queer boy that doesn’t really fit the rigid beauty standards of our community, I’ve dealt with rejection quite a bit, so this song allowed me to explore the fantasy of having the courage to approach that hot guy standing across the room.”

Cannot wait to take this energy into the post-COVID club. This is fantastic pop.

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