We saw 360 in Sydney with an intimate crowd

360, isn’t he that fag who lost to Kerser in the rap battle? He’s a poof.”
– Random guy on the train, 2015

I heard that lovely quote from a well educated gentleman discussing life on the train no less than 2 days before going to see 360. Because, you know, this isn’t 2015 or anything. We aren’t moving towards a more equal society at all.

2 days after treating my ears to such a lovely sentiment, I ventured in to the city to 360 play one of his rescheduled shows to an “intimate crowd”. I’m not sure whether it was poor promotion, the fact that we were in the middle of a freakin’ cyclone, that his popularity is slipping, or even that it was just labelled an intimate gig. Regardless of what the reason was, its really refreshing to see an artist who has not lost an ounce of passion.

I managed to get in just before Coin Banks took to the stage and damn, he’s definitely making some noise. It took a few songs to get the crowd warmed up but the occasional visit to the barrier with some first bumps and high-fives really helped. And then he set himself loose on the crowd, jumping the barrier and wandering around, partying with people while still not missing a line in his song.

I have the pleasure of standing within about a metre of artists at shows for the first 3 songs. Yes, I’m the annoying guy with the camera that blocks your view for 3 songs and takes your munted photos which end up on the internet. This means I pick up on a variety of things that people standing at the back might not see. For 360 this was the fact that he carries so much passion through his show and wears his heart on his sleeve, especially in very emotional and personal songs like Child. Even after seeing him play to a fairly full crowd at The Hordern Pavilion six months ago, it was a bit of shame to see he couldn’t fill the Metro Theatre. I’m not sure what’s going on in Sydney but we really need to lift our game and continue to back good quality live music.

I’m just gonna leave these photos here….

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