Vera Blue’s ‘The Way That You Love Me’ Is Her Coolest Shit Yet

Vera Blue has made lots of excellent musical content in her time, hasn’t she. From the arresting early things like Hold, proper smash territory in All The Pretty Girls and now, what I’d probably call her ‘third era’, is here and extremely good.

Written about “a kind of love that can be taken advantage of or returned in ways that might be difficult to understand at the time,” she continues to write most of her gear with the dream team of Thom & Andy Mak – this time whilst sitting in a beachfront house on the Central Coast.

One of her most soaring choruses ever precedes a frenetic, cooked breakdown packed with sharp drums and dirty synths.

It’s a strange moment when you’re playing dark 808 bass lines whilst watching a pod of dolphins swim past,” Andy reckons.

Vera’s going on tour. I can’t be bothered typing out all the venues, so have a video!

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