Vardaan Arora’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ Is A Flirty Thumper Featuring K-Pop’s First Openly Gay Idol MRSHLL

Vardaan Arora has been consistent in his delivery of danceable pop belters since the day we started talking about him on this blog.

Always starring a raunchy tinge lyrically, a really unique vocal tone & killer, EDM-leaning production, the NYC-via-New Delhi artist is never afraid to push the dance-pop boundaries and leading up to an EP called Heartbreak On The Dancefloor, it feels like we’ll get more of the rule-less rebound part of the breakup than the depths of despair.

I Don’t Wanna Know is quite clear in informing you it’s about rebound sex, skipping all the small talk & lengthy first dates, let’s just get to the point, u kno.

Helping him deliver the message is MRSHLL, K-Pop’s first openly gay idol and Vardaan’s long-time collaborator Ken Gao. MRSHLL referred to this track recently as a β€œtrifecta of queer-asian power dance pop” and I could not be more here for it.

Put it on, dance to it, love yourself.

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