Vardaan Arora & Nicopop Live For Drama And This Perfect Pop Song

Last time we brought the exceptionally talented New York artist Vardaan Arora to your attention, he was at the pinnacle of a list we used to do weekly called Best New Bops.

We’re back to doing bops on their own now we have more time, so I’d like to spend a bit longer talking about Vardaan. In the meantime, please tap play.

For nearly four years we’ve been following exceptional releases by this young man. Originally from Delhi, now living his best in New York, Vardaan’s debut single Feel Good Song in 2016 followed the absolute best of what people were putting into pop music then – vocal chops, pre-choruses and tropical energy.

The great thing about every song Vardaan’s put out – up to late 2019’s Famous – has been the knowledge that he doesn’t have any bad songs to put out. A man with exceptional taste.

2020’s first release is Drama, a 2:07 gem that tightly encapsulates everything great about this talent. Made with producer Nicopop, it sees Vardaan being equal parts honest and sarcastic about his desire to get the gays together and have a bitch sesh.

It’s tight, it’s funny, it’s slick and it’s hot.

Vardaan Arora is one of the most consistently excellent emerging pop acts in the world right now, know the name, follow the content.

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