First Listen: VAL FLYNN’s ‘Stuck On Repeat’, a total bop about the monotony of single life

VAL FLYNN‘s not his real name, but his debut single Stuck On Repeat is the realest representation of trying to be content & cool when your relationships & sex life feel like an empty, repetitive mess.

Stuck On Repeat is the first single – accompanied by a perfectly matching video – from a diva with a big heart who warns that his music doesn’t just slap in the club at 5am. He’s got slowjams on the way. You are now aware of this.

We asked him some questions about the debut bop and where it fits into his life – you can see all that below. Hit play and feel it.

What’s ‘Stuck On Repeat’ for you? What was going through your mind when you put it together?
The song’s a reflection of what a revolving door of relationships and sex partners feels like; when living your best single life, but longing for someone who sees past that.

Are we missing diva pop in the world rn? If not… Who are some other artists we need to know about that you’re vibing?
Let’s bring back the days of the VH1 Divas Live concerts! That’s what this current music climate is missing. Loving voices like Iggy Azalea, Sia, Jessica Mauboy, Aaliyah, Miss Blanks, Brandi and Blu Cantrell to name a few unique divas. I’m vibing so hard for Cardi B right now!

Where does pop music sit in the worlds of the people you choose to spend your time with?
Pop music is something that connects all of us across the board. Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or race. It’s a space where we can collectively forget our days, blast some beats and enjoy the night.

Day clubs – where this song would be a major vibe – feel like a total London thing that Australia’s missing out on rn. If they were to be a thing in Australia again, who would you ideally put on the lineup for your own day club and what vibe would you aim to create?
I remember the old days of places like Revolver and Day 1. These day clubs were a vital part of my youth! The lineup would defs be super cunty and would offer soundings of Paul Mac, Basement Jaxx, Cupcakke, M.I.A, Madison Avenue and Salt-N-Pepa.

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