Track by track – Nicole Millar’s ‘EXCUSE ME’

If you haven’t heard of Nicole Millar by this point, you’re lying to yourself. She recently released her first ever full length album, titled, Excuse Me and it exceeded all of my expectations. Here’s a quick rundown of every song on the album.

Signals – This song first featured on Nicole’s Communication EP, and it still as fierce as it was when it came out originally in 2016.

All My Issues –  Produced by Kyle Shearer, this is the PERFECT song to make you wanna love yourself and all of your flaws.

Buttons – This is most ‘don’t f*ck with me’ song I think Nicole has ever done, and all I can say is yes! Huge props to Dan Farber for producing such a banger!

No Strings – such an important song because sis, we have all had a no strings relationship at some point in our life, so this is basically an anthem to me.

Gimme A Break – 80’s pop mixed with Nicole’s sweet vocals makes for the perfect song. also, this song made me lose my voice so it has a special place in my heart.

Pink Sundae feat. Muki – I never knew I needed a Nicole and Muki collaboration until this absolute gem was produced! This song is about fantasising about living the rich life, and I swear every time this comes on in the car, I imagine I’m actually driving a Tesla.

Blindfolded – Produced by the ever-so-lovely Kilter, this was the most personal song Nicole had ever released when it came out back in 2017. This song opened up a side of Nicole that we hadn’t heard of in her previous singles, and paved the way for this album, which was the most honest and vulnerable we had ever seen of  her.

Money – Nicole performed this song live on her tour and it sounds even more incredible in person, let me tell you! This song is thanks to Sable on production, and this song is all about how money has become one of the most controlling things in our lives.

Real Connection – This song is just about wanting someone to love you fully, to pay you the right amount of attention and give you the right amount of respect because its 2018, we out here respecting each other these days.

Sign Me Up feat. Heno – Honestly one of my favourites from the album, Nicole is normally known for those entrancing steep drops in her songs, so I was so taken off guard with this chorus, but in the best way possible! This song feels so delicate, and Heno has an amazing verse that just tops this song off in the right way.

No Tears for Free – Written with the help of another Aussie babe, E^ST, this song is about standing up for yourself, ain’t nobody gonna make you cry hun!

Dot – This song is my absolute favourite off the album, that first line caught me by surprise and I have been on high alert ever since! “I never signed up for no love triangle..” Me neither Nicole, me neither!

Secret – Nicole has such an angelic voice on this track, it makes my heart so full hearing it.


On Rewind – The best song to end this album. It somehow feels like a summary of every song on this album, and the instrumentals give me a strange nostalgic feeling, as if I was back home, driving 100 on a back road alongside cane fields. How does this happen? Magic.

Nicole is currently touring across Australia for her “Excuse Me” Tour. Check out the album here:


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