Top 10 Music Videos From 2016

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Everyone seems to be super neg on 2016 but honestly it brought us some of the best and most beautiful music videos that have ever been made and we should be grateful for that. And no, however much I might’ve considered it, this list is not just Work From Home x 10.

Honourable mentions to This Isn’t Love by VITAMIN (sick use of colour + lots of kisses), Guys My Age by Hey Violet (gorgeous af colour palette and great sets/outfits), Killing Me To Love You by Vancouver Sleep Clinic (beautiful shots and cinematography) and Better by Meghan Trainor (I cry every time). Videos are roughly ordered 10 to 1 because it’s pretty damn close.

10. Charli XCX – After The Afterparty

Not quite sure how she did it but Charli somehow made zombies hot and I’m into it. Obviously she looks amazing and this made it into the list because she wore her now iconic visor, plain bikini and tennis skirt look.

9. Little Mix – Hair (ft. Sean Paul)

Look, the aesthetics and the playfulness and the composition of shots in this video are amazing but the real star is the very impressive product placement. It kicks off with Leigh-Anne scrolling through her ex’s Instagram until the other girls take her phone away except it’s actually the opening credits and then later they sing into their ghd straighteners while mucking about and obviously relevant to the whole Hair theme. Could’ve done without the Sean Paul bit 100%. [EDITORS NOTE: NO]

8. Halsey – Colors

This video has an incredible colour palette with mostly neutral colours plus some blue accents, but the main reason it’s in this list is because of the twist. Viewers assume that she’s interested in the cute boy until the view twists and you realise she’s been focusing on his father the whole time. The line about his hair being grey suddenly makes a whole lot more sense. Just some really nice storytelling.

7. Little Mix – Shout Out to My Ex

The outfits. The hair. The sassy af facial expressions. Jesy’s freckles. The star make up. Perrie’s hips when she says ‘I hope she’s getting better sex’. Also the way that they ride in a car through the chorus!!! Perfect riding a car through the country music.

6. Shura – What’s It Gonna Be?

This video is honestly one of the cutest in existence. Cute 80s aesthetic, pretty colour palette and again another ‘twist’ where instead of the expected boy ends up with girl, the boy ends up with the boy and the girl ends up with the girl. This video is super amazing because it perfectly captures that feeling when you get a crush on someone and suddenly you feel like you’re back at school and also the blushing smiles are so real. Also captures what it’s like when you think you’re into someone but end up with someone completely unexpected. Gorgeous, cute masterpiece.

5. The Vamps – I Found A Girl

Holy Mackerel, so The Vamps are hot enough as it is but in this video they find female versions of themselves to start a cover band and it’s a Whole New Level of hot. Also all the girls in the video are gay (yes I have a thing for twists where the girls turn out to like girls, sue me) and it’s just a Lot for my heart and brain okay? I lost track of how many times I fell in love while watching this. That is all.

4. Fergie – M.I.L.F. $

Holy fucking shit okay. If you hadn’t noticed we’ve reached the point where I find it hard to properly convey exactly how pumped good music videos make me. Not only are so many good aesthetics 100% nailed in this video, but Fergie has so many legendary mums and they’re all unbelievably hot. Also I HATE milk but she somehow made it hot?? A true testament to the power of the M.I.L.F. $ Basically mums can be whatever they want to be and this video is an inspiration.

3. Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom

When I first watched these last three videos (and every subsequent viewing since) I’ve held my breath for pretty much the whole thing. The iconic outfits are what make this video; I literally bought a sparkly velvet gladiator skirt from her clothing line because of this video, this is where she started the Look of wearing plain bikinis as tops and I think I actually gasped the first time I saw the last outfit. Not sure where I’d wear it but I want it.

2. Tinashe – Superlove

Basically Tinashe looking incredible on a beach surrounded by other incredible women rescuing dumb dudes from the ocean. The dancing is killer and I am in love with the red theme of their swimmers and towels and her lipstick and lollipop and cherry earrings. What I’m saying is that if Tinashe was the lifeguard on duty at a beach I would not hesitate to jump straight into a rip.

1. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony


Bonus prize for Most NSFW Animated Lyric Video goes to NEIKED – Sexual (There’s actual age restrictions on it???):

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