Tom Jay Williams is about to drop an EP it seems, so here’s a taste of what’s to come

Informed guessing would dictate that ex-Australian Idol 2008 Top 10 contestant Tom Jay Williams is about to drop an EP.

Williams— the youngest contestant to make the Australian Idol top 10, at just 16 years of age— has just finished wrapping up performing in front of fans across Australia as one of the headline acts for the Amplify Live Australia events.

During Amplify, he sang a couple songs we hadn’t heard before – some of which have since been posted by Tom himself (one shot during a rehearsal) and by fans (see below) online.

Tom labelled one of the songs on Twitter with the hashtag #ComeBack. Another song is about kissing, we think – maybe it’s called ‘Kiss and Forget‘ based on the lyrics.

Another clue that an EP is imminent is Tom’s “liking” on Twitter of an @reply from me asking when the EP was coming out.

The social media release of new videos featuring upcoming Tom Jay Williams songs follows the release of the singer’s solo single Closure which hit 1 million streams on Anzac Day in Australia.

I’d like to call Closure Tom’s debut solo moment, but there was actually a little-known song he put out called “LOL”, which has been whitewashed from the internet (apart from a few fan copies). There was once an amazing video clip for the  LOL song that had Tom riding in the back of a limousine with some girls who were going to a staged party. If anyone can find it, please send me a copy

Tom was also a former member of the Adelaide band At Sunset which was brothers Harrison Kantarias and Andrew Kantarias. A song called Every Little Thing was probably their best work. Since Tom left in June 2016 to focus on his solo music, the band has been renamed Lynk and a third member and brother, Matthew Kantarias, has been added.

I’m excited to see what Tom does next.

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