Tia Gostelow’s Got Another Absolute Anthem For You With ‘PSYCHO’

Being gaslit in a relationship, or any communication for that matter, is shithouse.

But luckily we are in a world where talented songwriters and music makers can turn those experiences into bops we can dance to, case in point this new track from Tia Gostelow.

“I constantly thought I was the issue, that everything was my fault and I kept apologising for things that I later realised weren’t my fault at all. I feel like when you are in these circumstances, sometimes it feels like you’re going insane, I felt like I was turning into this psycho person and it seemed like nobody else saw where I was coming from.”

PSYCHO’s a massive sounding song – big synths and a solid four to the floor beat don’t overpower Tia’s voice at any point. This song starts good, ends great. Very ideal scenes.

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