Thomas Headon Is Going To Be A Proper Big Deal So We Emailed Over Some Questions

I think it was the excellent young Australian popstar Cody Jon who made us aware of Thomas Headon, the brave 19-year-old music maker who left Melbourne and fucked off to London (he was born there fwiw) about a year ago.

He started doing covers, then naturally drifted into his own music which found a rabid base of divinely unhinged stans through stuff that has the energy of The Wombats compacted into one boy, the heart-on-sleeve ‘whateva’ness of Rex Orange County and the attitude of an even younger Harry Styles. (More on Haz to come.)

Tommy’s new single Loving You is his most convincing yet – try not to bop to this when you hit play. After you hit play actually, swipe down cos we sent some questions over about the song, the cardboard cutout in the background and living on the other side of the globe in a pandemic.

Nic Kelly’s in bold, Thomas Headon’s in not-bold.

THOMAS. Hello. My name is Nic. Loving You is magical. What do you want people to think it’s about?

Hello Nic, thank u for ur kind words sir. Ideally I really want people to hear it and go “this is something new” and really like it. Whether that be people who have heard my music before or people who are discovering it through Loving You for the first time. I think a lot of the music I’m making right now sounds different to me… not so much like “hosh posh im so cool and unique” but more like I’m getting out of my comfort zone with what I think is cool and what I’m willing to do musically. It’s fun.

Was it a ‘process’ to find ‘your sound’ or did it just happen? It’s very distinctive and your own, even if people say there’s a Rex Orange County influence.

Yeah man I think the saying of ‘your sound’ confused me for so long, especially because I liked such a varied range of music. Something I didn’t realise when I started writing was really how beneficial it is to know what you’re doing on an instrument of some sorts. The first time I really discovered a sound that I thought “yeah this is me” was making the first single of my debut EP, ‘Grace’, which was like the end of 2018. In terms of what people say about it; I think it’s incredibly hard not to let your influences shine in your own music. I’m super inspired by people like Rex, so if people say they can hear him through what I write then lmao I’ve done what I wanted to do and probably created a song that I like.

You moved to London a year or so ago and in that time you’ve been through a miserable London winter, and a pandemic. Quite the introduction to a new environment. What have you done to look after yourself in navigating that?

Hahahahaha putting it like that sounds like it’s been a nightmare. It really hasn’t been that bad. I’ve definitely had hard times, but I’m so well looked after here. I have such a solid work environment and friends around me that this past year has been one of the best of my life. This whole pandemic thing has been difficult but I think I’ve just drilled it in me that I most definitely don’t have it that hard… I’m not even on the spectrum of those who have had it hard! All this being said though, February was just far too cold. Way, way too fucking cold. 

Lovely nod to Harry Styles with the cutout in the background of the video. What’s the best song on Fine Line, and why is it Watermelon Sugar?

Oh Nic I enjoy this. Watermelon Sugar is indeed a slapper, but I still cannot decide between Falling, Cherry and Fine Line. Fine Line is such a beautiful piece of music inside and out. I’ll never get over that. But Falling will forever make me love Harry’s voice. I dunno it’s way too hard to choose. Harry has my heart. 

What is Loving You ‘setting up’? What is on the way after this track?

I’m writing my second EP! As of this moment I’d say all the songs are there, I just need to finalise a track list and make sure it all fits properly. Other than that dunno man just the usual !! Music videos, live streams, I’d love to say shows… I have some booked but god hope they don’t get rescheduled again. But I’m excited for this next record. Super keen that it’s finally moving along and then when it’s all done I get to plan the next moves I make !!!! FUTURE IS EXCITING

Bye Thomas, we love you.

Love you Project U, keep vibing thanks for having me x

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