The Wombats are doing…well, something

So The Wombats have just pulled a Sia, if you will, and done some sneaky cryptic ‘announcement’ on their Facebook.

Some Investigative Journalism (a quick peek at their website) reveals a countdown to SOMETHING:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.30.07 pm

Obviously, as the purveyors of deadly serious music news and up-to-date breaking stories, we’ve deduced that here are the possibilities of what’s going to be announced at 9am next Monday (UK time mates):

  • There’s a new fourth Wombat in the group
  • The entire band is being replaced by a lineup of talking wombats
  • They’re sick of being consistently compared to overweight nocturnal Australian animals and are becoming The Meerkats
  • Their faces have been bitten off by bats and now they’re just the Woms
  • They’ve had their wombs savagely pulled out so they’re becoming The Bats
  • They’re releasing a new album


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