The Griswolds literally have their own ship and they’re going to do a gig on it

Like, a legitimate proper ship.

Thanks to their mates (get it?) at Jack Daniels, Sydney babes The Griswolds will be jumping aboard the Good Ship Griswolds on November 21, sailing around Sydney Harbour and playing a show. Bloody brilliant.

It’s going to be recorded as a a live studio session while they sail around, and you’re invited! You have to promise to wear your best “ship-shape” attire, and after the cruise you can party on with Jack and the Griswolds at X.

Not in Sydney? Never fear, me hearties. The recording from the ship will be plonked up onto the band’s Soundcloud as a live EP – lucky you!

Tickets are available here – you’d best get in quick because this is going to be amazing.

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