The 1975’s “Love It If We Made It” is barbed with brilliant one-liners

The 1975 have released an absolute smash of a single this week. True to form, Love It If We Made It is a politically charged, retro-inspired anthemic moment with razor-sharp production that brings the whole thing into focus.

Matty Healy and company don’t beat around the bush with this one; the opening line is “we’re fucking in a car, shooting heroin”. While not the most inviting of introductions, it certainly falls into place as the verse progresses with a laundry list of social depravities and injustices. Racial violence, drug usage, and social media as a vehicle for misinformation all make an appearance within the first minute.Verse two is more specific and at least as jarring, opening with Trump’s infamous “I moved on her like a bitch” line and only building steam from there. As Matty said in an interview with Zane Lowe during the song’s premiere, “It’s very objective though, this song. I think that’s one of the things I suppose I get to hide behind. A lot of the stuff that you could be upset about in the song, I never said in the first place”.

The chorus, combined with the upbeat delivery and ever-addictive production that comprise the band’s signature sound, provides a glimmer of positivity in the wake of such overwhelmingly distressing incidents. We are hammered repeatedly with horrific events, behaviors, and seemingly endless sociopolitical nightmares line after line, only to be pulled back out of the despair with one hopeful, cautious line: “And I’d love it if we made it”.

Love It If We Made It is their second single of the Music For Cars era, coming a few weeks after the euphorically uplifting banger that is Give Yourself A Try. The 1975 are expected to put out two albums during this period; A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is due out in October, and Notes on a Conditional Form is scheduled for May 2019.




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