Taylor Henderson has a lovely new ballad called ‘Host Of Angels’

Winner of my heart/the most sales of any artist that year despite coming second in The X Factor 2013, Taylor Henderson, is releasing a beautiful ballad from his amazing album Burnt Letters, which ‘hit the shelves’ in July.

It’s called Host Of Angels and it’s “one of the most personal” songs to ‘Hendo’. “It’s a song I wrote for my younger sister, and the truth is she’s a little torn up about it. She loves it, but it’s a very emotional song for her, as well as myself.” What a nice bloke.

The track, co-written and produced by Evermore‘s Jon Hume, highlights the incredible vocals that we’ve come to love from Taylor.

You should go and grab the single or preferably, the whole album. It includes an incredible song called Close To Nothing which also needs to be a single.

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