Tamara & The Dreams Proves Tamara Is One Of Australia’s Most Relevant Millenial Songwriters On FUNNY!

Making it three from three for her releases as Tamara & The Dreams, the Melbourne songwriter Tamara Reichman has a new song out today called FUNNY!, a straight-up earworm exploring the classic millennial approach to relationships of relying on humour and sending each other memes and beating around the bush rather than genuine, truthful conversations.

What an absolute read.

Tamara’s first two singles under this project have set this up to be the knockout blow of letting you know this is a songwriter to be reckoned with. The truly sharpest of lyrics, melodies that match and falsettos where you least expect them – planting a chorus into your brain that will not leave. Ever.

Then there’s the key-change in this one.

Give FUNNY! a whirl and fall in love with the world of this incredible songwriter. We’ll have a big chat with her live next week.

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