Sydney’s Hearteyes Has Lost All Concept Of Genre And Made A Tender, Synthy Gem In ‘Drunk On The Roof’

After making ‘post-punk’ in one outfit, hardcore electro in another and releasing two projects already under this moniker, HEARTEYES is now releasing an album called Rock Album that contains absolutely no rock music.

I’m obsessed with this quote:

“I’m continuing to perpetuate the notion that genre is redundant going forward – hence the title ‘Rock Album’ being tongue-in-cheek, rather than matter of fact. The sound is more concentrated and focussed, and lends itself to ‘rock music’ but there will always be my standard tropes of lofi, leftfield and off-kilter production that subverts typical conventions of rock music/indie. If I can get people arguing “this isn’t rock music”, I’ve done my job.”

The first single from that instantly excellent album is Drunk On The Roof, a glistening, emotional, heartfelt, extremely Melodyned ballad with some distorted screaming near the end. (Don’t worry it doesn’t last long)

It’s a bit Sky Ferreira, it’s a bit Japanese Wallpaper and it’s entirely Hearteyes. We can’t help but stan.

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