Premiering: Swedish God Simon Peyron’s debut solo moment ‘Breaking Up’

Simon Peyron used to be the lead singer for a Swedish metal band called Outrigger, and considering we’re a pop music blog it seems strange that we would put a song of his up.

But excitingly he today premieres a debut solo single. It’s a big, roaring pop song – one with an electronic edge, shitloads of heart and the raw, aggressive energy his former band’s work had.

“The track came from past experience of volatile relationships, and also polar opposites but has along the way gained a bigger meaning for me. I’ve been working like crazy in the studio trying to find a musical genre that has always been close to me, and I’m so happy that it’s just “Breaking Up” I will debut with,” Simon told us on email.

It’s such a huge song – the drop is absolutely packed with action and there’s not a boring moment in this.

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