Swedish Popstar AMWIN’s ‘Where Do Lonely Feelings Go?’ Is A Dreamy Ode To Her Own Brain

The Swedish singer AMWIN has been on our radar for a little while as a savage, hard-hitting hip-pop icon in the making but the new song she’s got for us shows a range that makes her impossible to ignore anymore.

After her song Dua Lipa and the triple j favourite DeLorean went down a harder, sharper lane it’s really cool to hear she can also make some of the most magic, dreamy shit imaginable on Where Do Lonely Feelings Go?, a much more ‘tender’ ‘cut’ than her previous belters.

This track slows things down, extends her voice out and is the first time she’s involved herself in the production – whilst lyrically it talks about all the feelings and thoughts that don’t get the TLC in your own brain. The ones that just sit on the edges and never get properly tackled. Maybe we need to give them some love and maybe this is your reminder.

A lot to be enjoyed here and if you’re new to her, worth tapping into the catalogue so far.

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