Swedish Pop Songwriting Is At Its Finest On ‘Dead Or Alive’ By The Endorphins

I feel like it’s been a while since this blog’s obsession with pop music from its spiritual home of Sweden was at the forefront, so let’s bring that back.

We’ve always adored the purity of the pop from the country’s more household names like Zara Larsson, Zara Larsson and Zara Larsson, but lesser known purveyors of perfection like Peg ParnevikFO&O and Erik Rapp – who are all names you should dive into whilst self-isolating.

The latter of those suggestions, Erik Rapp, has been quiet from a release perspective lately but has lent his co-writing talents to this blissful new song by Stockholm brother-sister duo The Endorphins, named so because they like their music to release endorphins.

Dead Or Alive does the trick – a song with just the right amount of familiarity, a voice that matches the beat perfectly and a constant build across the three-and-a-half.

“Written on a Stockholm city beach, on the hottest day of summer, we started reflecting on our life and came up with a track about this society working against individuality and freedom of self-expression,” The Endorphins told a press release.

This is some good escapist music. There’s a line in the hook that fits the mood we need to a tee.

“When everything is falling, we’ll be alright.”

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