Stop scrolling through your cursed Instagram Explore page and listen to Myylo’s body posi bop

Most of us don’t look like the models we scroll through on Instagram, so Myylo has provided the bop that the “skinny boys” and “chunky ones” deserve.

“I kept scrolling through these societally perfect boys in my Insta feed and feeling like shit about my body. Trust me, I’ve racked up hours at the gym and stuffed my stomach full of protein powder trying to bulk up to look like them.

‘Skinny Boys’ is me saying fuck it to that energy for myself and for anyone who needs the reminder to love their skinny, chunky/bulky, short, fit, not-fit, tall, curvy, whatever-the-f gorgeous body.”

It’s the latest in a string of delightful releases from the energetic up-and-comer from the U.S that just keep getting better and better.

Plug it into your earholes.

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