Sinclaire’s ‘I Needed You’ Is The Kinda Passionate, Grandiose Dream-Pop We Need More Of

We get sent a lot of records that cite The 1975 as an influence, but rarely do they capture the grandiose and unrelenting nature that is the core of The 1975 sound. This song is a beautiful exception.

I Needed You is the new single from Sydney’s Sinclaire, who describe themselves as being “anti-pop”. I don’t know what that means but I get what they’re trying to say.

Originally rooted in the punk scene and landing support slots with very good bands in that world like Trophy Eyes and The Maine, this record takes the deeply felt heartache and passion you find in those punkier records and gives it a dreamy, reverb drenched coat of poptastic paint.

Whilst on the surface the lyrics might feel like an oft-told story of a dysfunctional relationship between two people, it’s actually talking about one person’s battle with alcoholism.

A special one.

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