An apology, & 11 amazing songs we’ve been too busy to talk about lately

Give me just a brief moment to be that oooooone annoying person in your office, that when you ask “how are you”, responds “so busy. Really busy.”

But mate we’ve run this blog for six years now. We make z e r o money from it. There’s like three of us at the ‘front’ of it. We all work full time in other jobs, as you probably do too.

We really try to keep it up over here. We try to use the platform we’ve slowly built to share amazing pop music we love. We try to stay in ‘good stead’ with the PR agencies, the artists & the other music sharing people who’ve managed to build their platforms to a point where they can share this stuff full time. Reality check though, and I thought this would eventually sink in, but 99% of us running these types of platforms are running these things on lunch breaks, after work, eating into the time we should be devoting to furthering our mental health and well-being. But we give so much of a fuck about great music and platforming it that we want to keep it up and we make massive sacrifices to do so.

To the folks who are known to us who try and push us to share music they know we won’t like despite knowing this already, re-think your approach. Re-think your expectations. Educate your superiors to re-think THEIR expectations. Don’t pitch us shit with a generic copy-pasted PR thing once you’ve typed our name that you know we’ll never want to hear about, and don’t emptily ‘Happy Friday!’ us when the vast majority of us work harder on weekends in the shift work & overtime that allows us to run these things than you need to.

To our best friends at The Interns, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers, Lunchbox TV, Thomas Bleach and every single blog in the world running off the smell of an oily rag, thank-you for what you contribute.

Without any further ado, we will return to doing the thing we do best. Sharing great pop music. Stuff that we genuinely give a fuck about. Enjoy these songs. They are all fucking great, the people who make them give us hope, and they are the reason we do this.

Loads of love.

Rina Sawayama – Cherry

A colourful, queer, bright, dream-pop-dream.

MNEK – Correct

GLADES – Eyes Wide Shut

GLADES continue to drop the best songs of their careers so far in fast succession. I hear a lot of songs that need ‘oh-ye-ye-ye’ bits in their pre’s and this actually follows through. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU PEKING DUK & ELLIPHANT’S STRANGER.)

Tyde Levi – Sober

The unlikely combination of Tydels, Daniel Johns and Cosmos Midnight is making Tyde’s RnB dreams come true.

LOVER – Eagle To The Prey

Sydney creative kid Oliver Kirby‘s moved into a house with two of Sydney’s most exciting young producers in Tanssi Oh Boy and that’s clearly working wonders for their output.

Sparrows – Over & Out

A PNAU – Embrace level shouty-pop belter from Sydney cool kid Sparrows who’s talking about ending a friendship or a life sitch that you’re no longer thriving from. Try get this out of your head.

LA WOMEN – Hurricane Love

Their debut EP’s also just come out and it’s called ‘I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors’ which is an exceptional EP name. This song is the second best. The best remains Count It Up.

Silk City ft Dua Lipa – Electricity ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson

Is it just an SEO thing that they’re referring to any song by Silk City, which is Mark Ronson & Diplo, as ‘ft Mark Ronson & Diplo? Who cares. This song slaps. An instant hit. Dua is straddling between-album energy perfectly.

Alec Benjamin – If We Have Each Other

Alec Benjamin‘s been someone we quite like on this website since before our search bar stopped working. He’s now being pushed as what some would call an ‘international priority’, he’s in Australia on promo for the first time this week, and this is one of many at-least-8-out-of-ten songs he’s put out in succession now. Cute ass video too. He’s just so fucking likeable.

Ninajrachi – Pathetic (ft Naah)

Nina’s production is getting more and more intricate everytime I hear it, and her pop structures tighten with every song. This song is a bop.

GRAACE – Last Night

This one’s just a listen to it situation. There’s an EP on its way October 26. There’s a song on it called Sorry In Advance which broke me when I saw it live a couple of days ago. This woman is amazing.

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