RIIKI Confirms She’s One Of The Next NZ Pop Sirens With ‘Share Your Luv’

Last time RIIKI put a song out we told you about it by listing New Zealand artists we had seen throw up incredible songs but it’s time we focus on this artist because she’s ready to go big.

The 20-year-old Kiwi can do everything. Choreography, production, visual direction, poetry, photography, the lot.

But as a blog focused on songs, it’s about Share Your Luv today. A groove-‘laden’ and joyous song about something not so joyous.

“I’m usually the friend helping people I know around me in these situations,” RIIKI reckons. “But it just feels so damn real when you’re in it and you truly experience that really sad feeling you never saw coming. Although, it is so important that if you fall into that situation you remind yourself ‘you were never the problem or held responsible, they were’. Don’t blame yourself, instead have a lil boogie, because this only made you way stronger.”

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