RAAVE TAPES Take A Natural Step Towards Dance Pop On ‘Red Flag’

We broke our usual pop only ranks a few years ago to begin championing a band from Newcastle that made us feel something. Under heavy guitars, yelling and Actual Live Drums, we could hear a personality and a strong songwriter in RAAVE TAPES and it would seem our love has paid off.

They make dance music now. Sharp, loud, fast and adventurous dance music that sounds like Nero with a bit more life in it.

Now a duo, RAAVE TAPES found this new angle in themselves after working with the producer Fletcher Matthews, who seems to be the only answer I get whenever I hear a new band I like and asked who they worked with. Fletcher appears to be extremely good at getting the best out of the artists he works with and because of that I’d say he’s one of the best producers in the country right now.

Absorb this into your ear canal now.

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