Congratulations Project U, the love of my life


I’ve cried twice today since Nic told me the news, and this is the most cringey thing I’ve ever written, but it’s weird how much Project U has changed my life. Since someone suggested I send Nic an email about a year ago, I’ve watched the site – and myself – change and grow like I couldn’t imagine.

This year:

I live-tweeted the Triple J Hottest 100 drunk and had a man walk into my garden with his dog to ask why i was screaming about the Preatures.

is this how you steal

I drove eight hours to Mildura to play charades with RÜFÜS and Violent Soho.

I played Fuck Marry Kill with Ball Park Music.

I got up on stage with Jeremy Neale at the Corner Hotel to have a sing.

I moved to England and then got to go hang out with Foxes and drink free Vitamin Water.

I’m fully aware that that’s the most bizarre combination of things to call “work”, and that’s why I love this site so much. It’s music done different – it’s such a change to all the pretension of music journalism, all the wanky writing that compares super indie music to various inanimate objects and forces of nature. (I’m aware that I’m a culprit of this quite often)

Project U is a celebration of pop music, a channel through which I can admit I really bloody adore the 5SOS ‘She Looks So Perfect’ single without readers from places that rhyme with ‘the Schmardian’ throwing virtual punches at my face.  It’s a positive manifestation amongst so much bullshit and negativity in the digital world of popular music, and sending Nic that email in which I told him five reasons he should let me write for him was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Nic; thank you for letting me assistant edit your site. Thank you for putting up with my constant messages and questions, and the time difference now I live in England. You’re a proper superstar and a very intelligent person; the industry is lucky to have you. Also cheers to Dylan for being a brilliant photography editor and for letting us christen him Dyldo, and to my parents for lending me the car for weekends to go play charades in Mildura with dance pop bands.

To all the brilliant musicians I’ve worked with and met – some of whom I’m lucky enough now to call friends – you are the reason I do what I do, and why Project U runs so well. You’re all talented beyond comprehension and you make it so easy to write about your gigs and songs and pets and haircuts day in, day out.

To our writers and photographers for inspiring and making us laugh every single day. I’m in awe of you all because you compare Royal Blood to Game Of Thrones, go up against FIFA soundtracks, update us on Shannon Noll’s horse and just make our jobs hilarious and worthwhile.

Congratulations Project U, you bloody dickhead, I love you so much.

(ps sorry for the swear words mum, i love you)

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