Premiering: will hyde’s ‘meant to be.’ Video, A Trip Into The Mind Of An Exceptional Young Popstar

Earlier in the pandemic (I don’t even call this a ‘year’ anymore) we met will hyde, who seemed like the softly spoken savior of a rough patch of our lives.

His mindbogglingly strong but understated megabop easy for u. set up a very exciting first glimpse into the brain of a young pop siren who exudes self-awareness, emotional intelligence and kindness beyond his twenty years.

We’ve also been silently stanning the timely follow-up, meant to be., which jumps between a near-whispered confession of not being quite as over a breakup or crush as you might be letting on, to a sharp, bass-infused and sophisticated lil banger, co-crafted with Sydney pop idols in the making Fergus James and super-producer Dylan Nash.

Today, we get to premiere the video for you, which will says “feels like a trip into my mind.” Directed by Jarred Osborn and produced by Josie Baynes, both of Wildebeest, the visual is shot amongst the same grainy and gawjie aesthetic as easy for u.‘s video, but just as the song provides – even more attitude.

“‘meant to be.’ is about thinking u are over someone, only to see them and realise u still have a lot of feelings left in that relationship,” said will.

“i think that that comfort and connection i have with someone never really fades over time. there’s always feelings that i have left with that person that can come back up and make me remember the good times. i find it hard to let people go and really detach myself from relationships completely… so this song really is about an inner conflict with myself… i am sometimes so optimistic that it blinds me to the troubles at the root of the relationship. getting back with that person & allowing them in my life doesn’t mean i would have a different outcome with them. it’s hard to face the root causes to the breakdown, but it’s the only way to move on from it.”

will hyde is an effervescent pop superstar in the making. PS, follow his Twitter, cos the insights are a beautiful window into a smart and caring person’s brain.

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