Premiering: ‘Through The Walls’, Heart On Sleeve New Dream-Pop From Adelaide’s DRESS CODE

For the first time, DRESS CODE have stepped into the production chair for their new single Through The Walls.

Premiering with us, this one has potentially allowed the writer / producer barrier to go down a bit for the trio, a really heart-on-sleeve but still epic, anthemic track any fan of great synth-pop can get amongst.

“As we stumble through early adulthood things constantly change; our habits and goals shift as our circles do the same,” Ollie Miller – the singer – says.

“When the majority of your social life revolves around pubs and clubs you make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun, but when you come out the other side of that lifestyle you start to question it; was it real? Did they like me? Or were we just drunk in the same place? Through The Walls is about dissecting the past and taking the lessons you learn from it into your future”.

Quite poignant in a time where we’re out getting blind with our friends less.

PS if you’re in Adelaide, they’ll play an actual real life show on Friday. Tickets are here.

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