Premiering: The Utterly Brilliant Debut Single From One Of Sydney’s Great New Pop Hopes, Hauskey, ‘Slow’

I am genuinely elated to share with you a truly brilliant pop song I have been listening to on repeat since it got put in my inbox last week. And like, people always say they’ve got songs on repeat. But I’ve quite literally worked out exactly when I need to tap back over to the Soundcloud that we’ve embedded below and start it again. (Hint: It’s the last time he says ‘blame’.)

Anyway. Hauskey is a currently-Sydney writer, producer, instrumentalist, vocalist, former music school owner, former Europe-dwelling Soundcloud artist, who is now realising his truest form. There’s BTS co-writes he’s done with a plethora of ridiculously good Australian artists like KIAN, Angie McMahon, Fergus James, Ecca Vandal, Eliott, Yorke, but Slow – Hauskey’s debut – is his own fully realised pop moment. It’s the culmination of a life dedicated to adoring, performing and being surrounded by brilliant music.

“When you’re working on it all yourself, you can execute a vision in a really unique way that wouldn’t be the same if you had other collaborators on it,” he reckons, which speaks to exactly what we explored in our chat with an artist riding in a similar lane, Bajillionaire.

Slow is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard all year. If you’re a fan of ‘it sounds like’ references, it’s like Milky Chance woke up from their eternal nap and wrote a genius pop gem ready to be sung along to at festivals the planet wide. There’s a bit of Dominic Fike in there too but I really can’t pinpoint it on anything else, it just sounds so fucking good and fun.

“Forget to take the bins outside / and now I feel like trash” is a particularly excellent line of this reflective song.

As much as his involvement in other projects is fantastic – Hauskey needs to be heard as his own artist. This song is simply too good for anything else to happen.

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