Premiering: Newcastle Synth-Pop Maker Skyepaint’s Euphoric New Single ‘Where The Heart Is’

There’s a fair chunk of people doing 80s-inspired, sun-drenched synthpop these days and it’s astounding how few get it right.

Newcastle (if you couldn’t tell with the jacket #footy) artist Skyepaint is one of those few. His voice has the ‘dreaminess’ required to nail these type of songs. On Where The Heart Is, the song we’re premiering today, nothing is forced, everything has a reason to be there and it’s a properly absorbent sound that lets you focus on nothing but the song itself.

That’s the challenge with reverb-soaked, synth-laden music and it’s one that’s been accomplished perfectly here.

Lyrically, Amos (his real name) aims for the track to “encapsulate the idea of home, and the ways in which our individual sense of home develops as we endure life’s peaks and valleys.”

HARD YES. Find your home in whatever form it comes.

Pic at the top by Kristen Olson

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