Premiering: Saint Barae’s Shimmering & Meaningful New Single ‘Hollow’

Gold Coast pop-smith Saint Barae is diving into some really scary, but important, subject matter on Hollow, which we’re premiering today proudly.

The song – in its simplest form – is a love letter to every queer person who’s been hurt by the church.

It’s magically done. Saint Barae’s voice never leaves falsetto, the production is remarkably gentle but also drives the song constantly – switching to a Zedd-esque feel towards the chorus.

A note from the artist you should read for some context.

“I felt really nervous putting this track out as it’s subject matter is really fucking painful – but I want everyone reading this to know that if you’re going through hell right now things will get better for you if you keep going. I went to a very bad place when people I loved turned their back on me on my journey to becoming my authentic self. but I also know I had to move past that and let go of that anger and frustration to be truly free. this song is about the uphill battle that leads to the breakthrough, its about choosing forgiveness when you want revenge.”

This song is a great reminder that speaking your truth always connects.

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