Premiering: Mila Nile’s ‘Cranes’, New From A Swedish-Born Sydneysider Making Slick Electro-Pop

One of the standouts from my Marie Kondo-esque clear-out of the Project U new music inbox this week was discovering a Swede living in Sydney making sharp, introspective and exciting electrobops. This song most certainly sparked joy.

Her new one Cranes, out May 8 and premiering with us here (obviously) – speaks to the displacement a huge chunk of the world is feeling right now, but even more-so those who split their time between different parts of the world, which is the case for Mila.

“I wrote Cranes 30 000 feet above ground on a flight coming back to Australia after my yearly Sweden visit. Every time I leave my family, my culture and the calming cool of Sweden there’s this deep longing. And it gets stronger every year. But Australia is my future, where I’ve found a life I love. This song is about embracing that tension – between staying true to your roots and exploring who you can be somewhere else.

Mila is an extremely smart songwriter. The intricacies of her personal narrative are so present in this, yet her wording is just the right amount of accessible. In the pre-chorus she navigates the prospect of literally splitting the particles of her existence and placing them on a place so she can be in two places at once. The swirling synths and chimes lead up to a complete dropout of instrumentation, a stacked & vocoded vocal-only moment and then into a drop you totally don’t see coming.

This song is a true gem and whatever is to come, I’m so excited about.

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