Premiering: Melbourne’s Frame & Western Sydney’s Jessica Jade Make Musical Magic On ‘Episode’

The compelling Melbourne rapper Frame and Western Sydney superstar in the making Jessica Jade melt perfectly together on this new song, Episode, which is premiering here today.

Episode is a delicate, melodic little ditty that feels like the kind of gem which might be found deep on an Allday mixtape in the mid-10s. (See… Milligrams.) Frame’s continuing to get closer to the tracks that work with his unique tone and with this one, he’s found an excellent match.

Jessica Jade‘s the ideal second voice on this one. Her tone’s somewhere between Kehlani and Alessia Cara, the perfect vocal to float away to.

Just by being alive, we inevitably impact people’s lives. We love and get attached to people and we all inevitably experience loss, but we never really quite know how others will experience our death. My favourite movie is Donnie Darko and that movie ponders how some people benefit and others are worse off due to our existence. Anyway, I find that super interesting.

Frame’s got a ‘project’ called INTERLACED coming out later this year, so if you find yourself partial to this one, prepare your brain for that.

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