Premiering: Friendless & His Instant Club-Pop Sensation ‘Intoxicating’ ft. Jade Alice

Since the pandemic hit, there’s been a few anti-stay-at-home sounding club belters that have really defied the idea of ‘music for the times’.

Energy – the KLP & Stace Cadet hit that’s not just blitzing Australian radio at the moment but pricking the ears of Mistajam and Pete Tong, two of the UK’s most influential club DJs, has set a precedent that despite being stuck at home to an extent, we still want to dance.

Enter the silly, exciting, four-to-the-floor, no fucking around energy of Intoxicating, the new single from the really versatile club producer Friendless, with really well matched vocals from Melbourne electro-pop maker Jade Alice.

“‘Intoxicating’ is very much a product of the pandemic lockdown. I thought it could be cool to push my artistic boundaries and do something that didn’t have to be simply dance floor fodder,” Friendless reckons.

I have long wanted to do a non-linear composition that moves through different movements centred around a theme and variation but doesn’t necessarily ever hit the same way twice. I was so lucky to be introduced to Jade; I knew straight away that if anyone was going to deliver on this concept it was her and she didn’t disappoint. Obviously being in lockdown we were working over Zoom but we may as well have been in the same room, as the collaborative process was so awesome.”

One of the many addictive things about this record is how instantly it becomes a thumper. Saying goodbye to the club songs that take minutes to build and taking you straight to the floor, get ready for this to be the midnight song at clubs across Australia as soon as they open again.

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