Premiering: Favorite Child’s long-awaited video for ‘Just Wanna Belong’

One of this blog’s favourite songs of 2016 was Just Wanna Belong, a monster collaboration between Swedish producers Favorite Child and one of their country’s best voices – Erik Rapp.

Favorite Child have a sorta rebel versus mad scientist approach to songwriting.

As musicians, we reached the point where we no longer care about what’s expected from us. It’s part of ‘why don’t we try this, might sound cool?’ and part ‘fuck you we won’t do what you tell us’.

Today we’re pretty honoured they asked us to premiere the video for Just Wanna Belong, which is finally out after the music world freaked the fuck out about them and the song blew up bigger than they could have imagined.

It’s made by Arkuma Hiyomoto, who Favorite Child think of as their third member, creating their visual universe. It took three times as long as they were expecting to create the video – and the live action sequences you see are filmed in the desert outside of Las Vegas by an American director.

It’s so good. And this song is so good.

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