Premiering: A Dreamy New Double-A-Side From Brisbane Producer du0, ‘Come Home | Better Place’

Born from a Queensland music songwriting retreat, Brisbane producer du0 is sharing with us today a lovely couplet of songs which show two different – but equally emotive – ways of approaching house music.

Come Home brings you into the pair of songs, a hypnotic and echo-heavy number with Canada-via-Brissy singer Emily Coulston contributing vocals. Don’t stop there. Go for the second one. Double dip. Better Place. It’s a big, housey belter with vocals from Cloe Terare and the right amount of strings + emotional vocal samples floating around to provide maximum Feels.

This is a really impressive pair of releases from du0, who’s worth diving into further if this is your first time hearing about him. This double a-side is out tomorrow (Friday Jan 24, our date thingy isn’t working) and there’ll be some remixes to ‘accompany’ it very soon.

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