Premiering: Central Coast Duo MINIQ’s Sharp & Assertive New Single ‘Little Miss No. 1’

The Central Coast continues to punch above its weight in terms of properly excellent songs and artists that can make them.

This song is no exception, and actually probably gives way for a new lane of music coming out of the area.

Little Miss No. 1 is the new single for a duo of sisters called MINIQ, who use a really solid Arctic Monkeys-esque backing to deliver a really convincing and confident hook.

This song, Dominique says, is designed to be “something everyone can relate to. Everyone knows or has been involved in a one-sided relationship, giving more than you should to someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

There’s a music video and a tour (at some point, anyway) on the way for this song, but for now just enjoy the music. She’s an earworm.

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