PREMIERE: Guard’s Felix Snow-produced ‘Die Online’ brings the dial-up tone to 2016

After catching our attention with the excellent debut Raincoats, Melbourne’s Guard is back with the beautifully laidback Die Online, a commentary on how our lives are represented on the ol’ World Wide Web.

Felix Snow’s trademark chill-but-choppy production merges brilliantly with Guard’s infectious melody and lyrics “about becoming a robot.”

“It’s about how in my life I feel as though I could die and it wouldn’t necessarily matter because the core aspects of my personality are already visible on social media. It’s about a yearning for transcendence on a spiritual and technological level. (Yes I am a freak)” 

The dial-up tones towards the end of the song are a nice touch which bring the nostalgia for those days when this page would’ve taken five minutes to load before you went to buy the CD single.

But hey, now we’re online entities and as someone who spends all day, every day on Twitter, this is track is very #relatable.

Die Online will be out soon via EFFESS.

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