KEEP ON RUNNING: A playlist for running & positive mental health

As you’ll probably know from the barrage of amazing content coming out the ABC (and other places!) this week, it’s Mental Health Week.

The level of discourse around mental health has stepped up like crazy in Australia, and it’s just going leaps and bounds to destigmatise depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders that make everything a huge pile of shit, to be quite honest.

Working in the music industry these kinds of problems are pretty elevated, and there’s not one person who doesn’t have some sort of personal connection to mental health. It’s a real problem, and if we can get the conversation going so that, at the very least, people with these disorders feel supported and not judged, we’ve done our bit.

The next few weeks we’re doing to be doing some #COOL content based around mental health, and also around exercise – which is usually the absolute spawn of Satan for people in music/media. We’re a lazy bunch.

Our assistant editor Matilda (That’s me! Hi!) is running Melbourne’s City2Sea race on November 15. It’s 15km from the MCG to St Kilda, which is quite a long way especially for an idiot like her.

Here she is looking hot in all senses of the word on an 11km run yesterday morning.


What a babe.

I’m running to raise cash for BeyondBlue, which if you don’t own a single media-receiving device, is an Australian mental health organisation that raises awareness and provides support to those suffering with mental illness.

The idea is that since I’ve started running lolloping around to train for this, I’ve found it to be a real brain-calmer and antidote to the anxiety that can be really crippling. It clears your head and floods endorphins to your brain, PLUS you can eat as much chocolate as you like after you run, because science???//?/??/

So yes. We’re doing mental health #content and also some exercise #content because the two go hand in hand and why don’t we begin with one of the playlists I’ve been using on my little jaunts up the mountain near my house so I don’t have to do another one (and because this one is v good).

If you’d like to donate to the run and help kick goals for BeyondBlue, you can click here. I will love you forever.

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