Playlist Preview: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ally off Fifth Harmony, Mallrat, AJR & more

To prepare your nervous system for each New Music Friday I’m gonna try and do a Playlist Preview each week of the ‘big ticket items’ to get ready for.

David Guetta & Justin Bieber – 2U

We got an email a few weeks ago asking us to sign an NDA to listen to the new David Guetta Justin Bieber single but I forgot to sign it so I haven’t actually heard more than the 10 seconds Biebs posted today, but look the names make sense enough for this to potentially be a Top 5 mainstay for the next few months. If Justin manages #1, #2 and #3 simultaneously outside of an album cycle I will be extremely shook and also extremely impressed.

Golden Vessel ft Elkkle & Mallrat – Shoulders

Brisbane buds Golden Vessel and Mallrat, as well as Melbourne guy Elkkle (who possesses a nice face) have been quietly collaborating on a new single together called Shoulders. It should be good.

Lost Kings ft Ally Brooke (off Fifth Harmony) & A$AP Ferg

Lost Kings make bangers. A$AP Ferg makes generally unlistenable rap. Ally Brooke is the most who-y member of Fifth Harmony. Together? Who the fuck knows.

Janine – Unstable

I don’t know who Janine is but I searched “out Friday” on Twitter and this video of her pottering around to her new single Unstable came up and I was like hey this could be good. This is more of a note to self, but you might like it too.

Katy Perry – Witness

Katy’s album comes out Friday, which seems quite quick. I’m going out on a whim and saying Witness will be ridicumazing. It’s got weird producers on it like Duke Dumont and Australia’s Hayden James, it’s made zero sense so far, so it’s probably going to be perfect and iconic in an ARTPOP sense. I am prepared.

AJR – The Click

I’ve been sitting on this album for a few weeks – it’s fucking phenomenal. AJR are literally setting the standard for relevant, modern, envelope pushing pop production – it’s a masterclass in smart writing and sharp sounds. If you’re a Jon Bellion fan you will really vibe this.

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