Peking Duk sing on their new belter ‘Let You Down’ with Icona Pop

When I saw Peking Duk play in LA earlier this year they played so much new shit, and the one thing I noticed throughout all of the new stuff is that Adam sang on most of the songs. And not just like, singing along, proper in tune, lead singer shit.

This wasn’t a very surprising step – more just a delightful one – Adam’s always sorta hung around the front of their live shows and the pair definitely don’t hold back whilst they’re playing.

Today’s the release of the first single that has Adam’s vocals on, and it’s a belter. A duet with Icona Pop, they told triple j that Let You Down takes inspo from Heath Ledger‘s character in the 2006 movie Candy.

“We honestly just felt like the happy melodies would be far more interesting with a sad story through the lyrics. Weirdly, the story in Candy is far more relatable than it seems on first glance. Many people are actually in scenarios or relationships where they know they are bringing the other person down. This is the hard part; trying to tell them to leave so you don’t let them down.”


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