Owl Eyes, Miss Blanks & Last Week’s 5 Best New Bops Yes I Know We’re Late

Alright let’s do this then, we’re late but we’ll get back on track this week, here’s the standouts, as you were.

#5: whenyoung – Future

This is a band from the UK, they are doing good things, debut album in May, good singalongs. Future just came out, you can’t not like it.

#4: Khalid – Right Back

The Khalid album’s a really good listen. It’s much happier than American Dream and Right Back is the best song on it. Probably a good melting pot of all the sounds on the record – from the moody RnB of Better to the total electro-infused bop that is Talk. Also S/O to the Sarah Aarons co-writes on the record, of particular note is the earworm Bluffin‘.

#3: Oh Boy ft. Oordaya & LOVER – Talk To M333

Oh Boy is one of our favourite humans at Project U. We are very excited by the self-discovery he’s been doing, especially from a musical perspective, where you can hear a free-er, earthier sound but his pop sensibilities still very much intact on Talk To M333, which he’s made with Oordaya & Sydney angel LOVER. There’s an EP, it’s called Brentwood Heights, and it explores being a person who’s very conscious of their surroundings living and experiencing the expectations of the modern world around them. It’s out May. (And it’s fucking incredible.)

#2: Miss Blanks – Tommy

In what may be the most instantly addictive Miss Blanks song yet – Tommy is a dance belter that also acts as “a reflection on those early stages of a relationship when you’re really into the other person but unable to see their flaws”. We’re all guilty of that shit and we know hindsight is a powerful thing! She made it with Alice Ivy who she’ll be touring with across May & June.

#1: Owl Eyes – You And I

If anyone saw the Flight Facilities live show they were touring a few years back you’d know Owl Eyes has one of the best voices in the country. This is only her second new single in 6 years and her voice has been missing from the landscape for too long. You and I sounds like the sunny non-stop day party of my absolute dreams. Maybe on the French Riviera? Rosé the drink of choice. Everyone wearing white. Sounds like something straight out of Giorgio Moroder’s lab – with a vocal delivered with just the right amount of rawness to really keep it feeling alive. This might be the best dance song of the year. She’s just signed to Australia’s best booking agent, Joel Siviour at Falcona, and announced some shows. I hope The Grounds has good rosé.

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