Nicole Millar’s ‘Gimme A Break’ is a fruit loop dream!

Take all my money! Seriously! Take it!

Nicole Millar has revived my entire being with her new single, Gimme A Break.

Zumba instructors all over the country are SHAKING to this new music. I don’t even know what words to use to describe how much I love this song. I just love it!

Nicole has really outdone herself with this new single, she has been leaping into this new era full force. It’s a blend of beautiful synths with a catchy beat that you literally cannot stop dancing to. Gimme A Break is such a new distinct sound for Nicole, especially compared to her last single, Blindfolded.  She’s definitely dropped her walls with this new sound, which is unequivocally raw and personal.

Nicole has been incredibly busy these past few months, travelling across the globe, writing and recording new bops. I cannot wait for her to announce her debut album so I can buy 50 copies for myself, my neighbours, my mother, my lecturers, the old man at the bus stop who won’t stop shouting at the ibis and the police dog I saw at Westfield. I am here and thriving for this new era!

Go listen to the song down below and watch as you teleport back to the 80’s.

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