New Music Fredag: The best pop out of Scandinavia this week

Icona Pop – Girls Girls

Icona Pop have returned with Girls Girls and it’s probably one of the biggest bops of their career.

BLONDE – Just For One Night ft Astrid S

Norway’s Astrid S features on the new single from British duo Blonde. She’s the star of the track which is quite subdued by Blonde’s standards.

Sofia Karlberg – Bad Omen

Sweden’s Sofia Karlberg, who had a big streaming hit with her cover of Crazy In Love, has popped Bad Omen online. It’s a great single that should be a breakout for her.

Scarlet Pleasure – Limbo

Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure have dropped an EP called Limbo. The namesake of the EP is really cool and I love their Lany-like aesthetic.

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