Myylo’s ‘Kissing on Your Dad’ is the ridiculous gay answer to ‘Stacy’s Mom’ we didn’t know we needed

Myylo might be crushin’ on your dad.

U.S. singer-songwriter Myylo is back with another of his signature slices of musical fun. It’s called Kissing on Your Dad and it details having a crush on a friend’s dad.

The track showcases the fun songwriting that’s come to be a centerpiece of Myylo’s music.

He works finance (money)

Got a Peloton (body)

And he’s so damn tall call him Megatron (machine)

So ridiculous. So good. I love it. There’s no way the “hey don’t be scared if – next year I’m your step-parent” chant in the bridge should be as excellent as it is. That’s that Myylo power.

It’s also got a delightful music video. Animated by Patrick Naughter, the video brings the song to life.

For more like this, check out his I’m A Nice Boy Too EP – especially I Can’t Help But Look.

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