Myylo is one of the most exciting new voices in pop and he proves that with ‘Cyborg’

“Elton John is my great grandaddy-o, I’m a rocket man”

Any song that begins with lyrics like that, with the confidence with which Myylo sings, is gonna slap – and Cyborg, the latest single from Nashville’s delightful pop prince, certainly does slap.

While it sadly clocks in at just over two minutes, leaving me wanting much more, Cyborg boats the best production of Myylo’s career so far and some of the most fun lyrically.

Here’s what Myylo said about the song: “I wrote this to Carole King chords, mulling over a particular ginger haired boy. We’ve known each other in so many iterations: teenage crush, summer fling, ex, friend, lifelong enigma. All my feelings about the whole situation are rather hazy and I tried to work some of that out in Cyborg.”

The single prior to this, Jonesing, is a delightful rumination on long-distance relationships and while I ran out of time to write about that one when it came out, now is better than never!

Jonesing, and Myylo’s entire output so far has been so utterly charming and bright. He gave Affinity Magazine a bit of insight into that, telling them: “I think Cyborg continues my journey of making “bopable” tunes. I really identify with a joyful aesthetic and, in some ways, I’m kind of reacting to the barrage of sad boy and sad girl tunes out there. I’m pushing back against that to deal with things positively.”

That’s exactly what I’m looking for in pop music and it’s why Myylo is one of the most exciting new voices in pop.

He’s going to be hopping around, playing some shows around the U.S. so get on his email list because you’d be crazy to miss him.

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