MUNA’s ‘I Know A Place’ is an important inclusive LGBTI+ anthem

MUNA appear to be making an early attempt at the underground pop crown for 2017.

I Know A Place is a very special pop record. Sitting in a unique place between the worlds of CHVRCHES and Robyn, the song began as an attempt at a new pride anthem after the US Supreme Court allowed marriage equality in mid 2015. But as realisations that whilst that particular battle had been won – LGBTI people were still dying (particularly trans women) – and that rates of suicide, homelessness and violence were still going to remain higher amongst those that don’t necessarily fit in, the focus shifted to making a song about a space where no one needed to feel afraid. That place is a dance club.

After the Orlando massacre this became even more of a poignant space to discuss – and its done with taste & celebration whilst still acknowledging that every step forward we take, we’ve still got a long way to go.

With that much depth and topicality to the music they create – they may not just be one of the best new bands in the world – they might be one of the most important, too.

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